Swimwear Stuffing Rife Amongst Holidaymakers

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Feb 2014

Apparently, some people aren't happy with their natural beach body appearance and many are resorting to other measures to enhance their look.

We've looked at the phenomenon of swimwear padding to see how many people resort to stuffing their bikini tops, swimsuits or trunks. It sounds bizarre, we know, but believe it or not there are people out there doing it.

We polled 2,176 people aged 18 and over from around the UK and asked them questions about what they got up to on holiday. Everyone taking part had been on a holiday overseas in the past 12 months.

Two fifths of women and 1 in 20 men 'pad' their swimwear

We asked the women taking part 'Do you ever wear padded swimwear or stuff your bikini or swimsuit?' to which 41% said 'yes'. Of these women, 55% admitted to wearing padded bikini tops, whilst 23% claimed to have used breast enhancer pads or inserts in their swimwear. 12% admitted that they had previously worn swimwear designed to enhance their bottom.

According to our poll, women in Liverpool were the most likely to resort to swimwear padding, closely followed by those in Brentwood. When asked why they turned to padded swimwear, 77% said it was to attract members of the opposite sex, whilst 15% said it was to make themselves feel better about their appearance.

Men in Newcastle most likely to stuff their swimwear

The men taking part were asked if they had ever resorted to swimwear stuffing, to which 1 in 20, 4%, said 'yes'. When asked how they did this, the most common answer with 25% agreeing was 'using socks'. Of the men who had stuffed their swimwear in the past, 19% had been caught out doing so in an embarrassing manner. Oops! Men in Newcastle were more likely to stuff their swimwear than anyone else and the most common reason for doing so was revealed to be 'to attract members of the opposite sex' (89%).

It's slightly shocking to find out how many men have stuffed their swimwear in the past. It doesn't seem like the best idea. After all, imagine going down a water slide or jumping into the pool and then finding that your sock stuffing had fallen out and was surfacing for all to see. We'd probably advise against it!
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