Pets on Tour - Would You Take Yours on Holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 10th May 2016

Taking pets abroad used to be very difficult, but new processes have been put in place to make it a lot simpler. So, would you pack up your pooch and get him a passport to be able to take him away with you?

We wanted to find out how common it was for people to want to take their pets on holiday with them, so this time we polled 2,155 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom had had at least one pet for the last three years. All respondents had also been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months.

14% of Pet Owners Plan To Try And Take Their Pet(s) Abroad on Holiday This Year

When asked 'Have you ever taken a pet abroad on holiday with you?' 3% of the people taking part told us that they had. Everyone taking part was then asked if they were planning to try and take their pet(s) abroad on holiday with them this year, to which 14% of the people polled said 'yes'.

We asked these people to explain why they were planning to try and take their pet(s) abroad on holiday with them, picking all answers that applied to them, which revealed the following top five responses:

1. Don't trust people back home enough to look after the pet(s) properly - 51%

2. Would miss the pet(s) too much whilst away - 33%

3. Wouldn't be a family holiday without the pet(s) - 17%

4. No one to look after the pet(s) - 13%

5. Worried pet(s) would get stressed being away from me/us - 7%

Dog Owners Most Likely To Want To Take Their Pets Abroad

Anyone who told us that they were planning to take their pets abroad on holiday with them this year was asked what kind of pet(s) they had. More than three quarters (76%) had a dog and 16% had a cat. When asked where they thought they might go on a holiday with their pets, 98% of the relevant respondents said 'within Europe'.

The majority, 56%, of those who planned to try and take their pets abroad on holiday in 2016 said that they would be looking to travel 'by car/ferry' and, when asked what type of accommodation they would be looking to stay in, the top answer was 'a villa' (42%).

Those who said they would be trying to take their pet(s) abroad on holiday with them in 2016 were asked if they'd looked into what would be required for them to be able to do so. The majority, 53%, said 'no'. Of all the respondents taking part, 47% had previously taken their pet(s) on a UK holiday.

If you are only going away for a week or two, the travelling could be more distressing for your pet than leaving them back home, even if you do think they'll miss your company. Leaving your pet in the safe hands of a friend or family member will enable you to go away and enjoy your holiday without having to think about your pet. If you do end up missing them too much, there's always video chat!
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