How Sun-Safe Are You On Holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Jun 2016

When going on a hot holiday abroad, one of the main priorities (aside from all the fun and relaxation) is usually making sure that you're safe in the sun. After all, you will be spending a lot of time lounging by the pool and basking in the sun's rays on the beach!

We wanted to determine just how sun-safe us Britons were, both at home and on holiday, so we spoke to 3,199 people from all around the UK and asked them! To make sure we could get a good idea of how people's sun protection habits varied from place to place, we made sure that the respondents taking part were from an equal spread of the 12 UK regions.

Edinburgh, London and York Residents Most Sun Savvy

Initially, we asked all respondents how 'sun-safe' they considered themselves to be both at home and on holiday, with 'safe' described as being savvy when it came to protecting themselves against sun damage (e.g. always wearing sun cream on hot days/holidays, wearing hats, sunglasses, staying in the shade etc.). 32% of the people taking part told us that they were 'very sun-safe' and 29% said that they were 'not very sun-safe at all'.

As all respondents were asked to state the town or city that they lived in, or nearest to, we were able to decipher where the most sun-savvy people resided in the UK. Of the 32% who said that they were 'very sun safe', the top 5 towns/cities they lived in were as follows:

1. Edinburgh - 16% (of those who said they were 'very sun safe' lived in/near here)

2. London - 11%

3. York - 9%

4. Swansea - 5%

5. Oxford - 3%

Those In Liverpool, Newcastle and Chelmsford Least Sun-Safe

However, on the other end of the scale, we found that the top 5 towns/cities that those who described themselves as 'not very sun-safe at all' lived in or near were:

1. Liverpool - 19% (of those who said they were 'not very sun safe at all' lived in/near here)

2. Newcastle - 10%

3. Chelmsford - 7%

4. Bristol - 6%

5. Cardiff - 3%

62% of all the respondents taking part in the poll admitted that they didn't know what Sun Protection Factor (SPF numbers) actually meant, which we think is rather worrying. Furthermore, 96% of the participants told us that they got sunburn of some description 'at least once annually'. 39% of all the people taking part in the poll confessed to 'never' wearing sun protection cream.

Sun protection should be taken very seriously, particularly on holiday in countries where the climate is warmer and sunnier than here in the UK. It was interesting to get a view of where in the UK the most and least sun-savvy people lived. Those in Edinburgh deserve a pat on the back, whilst those in Liverpool really need a lesson or two in sun protection!

How careful are you with your sun protection?
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