First Holiday Tipple Happens One Hour After Hotel Check-In

Posted by Sue Anderson, 20th May 2014

Sangria, ice cold beers, cocktails by the pool and other alcoholic beverages are, for many people, all part of the holiday experience.

We wanted to find out how much, and how quickly, holidaymakers were drinking alcohol after arriving at their chosen destination. We polled 2,133 adults from around the UK who had all been on holiday abroad in the last 12 months and we asked them all about their eating and drinking habits when on holiday.

Only 2% of holidaymakers don't drink alcohol on holiday

In response to the question "Thinking back to your last holiday abroad, when did you have your first alcoholic drink (if at all)?" the results were as follows:

1. At the airport in UK/before boarding - 19%

2. During the flight on the way to my destination - 11%

3. Within one hour of arriving at accommodation - 37%

4. On the first evening on holiday - 21%

5. After 1-2 days - 6%

6. 3 days in + - 4%

7. I didn't drink alcohol on my last holiday - 2%

Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of the people we spoke to during the poll admitted that they arrived to their last overseas holiday destination 'drunk', whilst 54% said that they drank alcohol 'daily' on their last holiday trip abroad. With cocktail offers and pool side bars often appearing everywhere you turn on holiday, it's not hard to see why.

65% of the respondents told us that they drank more alcohol in a typical week on holiday than they did when back home in the UK. When asked how much more, the average answer stated by the relevant respondents was 'five times' more.

Average holidaymaker can spend up to £110.00 per person on alcohol

Respondents who did drink alcohol on holiday abroad (and who had to pay for their alcoholic beverages) were asked how much they spent on alcohol during their last holiday abroad, which revealed the average answer to be £110.00 per person.

It seems that drinking alcohol on holiday is a costly exercise for those who don't have such luxuries included in the cost of their booking. People should pace themselves and always drink responsibly. It's easy to get carried away, but drinking alcohol in a hot climate must be done with caution as it's likely you'll be more dehydrated than usual. Nobody wants a horrible hangover or a drunken trip to A&E when on vacation!
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