Britons Put Off Break-Ups to Go On Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 5th Jul 2012

Our latest research has revealed the extent that some Britons will go to in order to still get their annual summer holiday, with a tenth admitting to having previously put off a break-up with their partner in order to still go on a holiday that they had planned or booked.

We carried out the study as part of ongoing research into the holiday habits and preferences of people around the UK, with a particular focus on how important holidays were to them. 1,839 adults took part in the study and answered questions surrounding holidays they had been on in the past.

9% said they had held off breaking up with a partner so they could still go on holiday

When asked 'In the past, have you ever held off breaking up with a partner so that you could still go on a holiday you had booked or planned with them?' 9% of those taking part said 'yes'. These respondents were asked if they broken up with their partner, as they had planned, after the holiday, to which 82% said 'yes'. These respondents were also asked how long it took them to break up with their partner after their holiday, to which the majority, 47%, said '2 weeks'.

Almost a fifth of those said they were still with the partner in question

However, 18% of those taking part who had put off a break-up to still go on a holiday said that they were still with the partner in question. When asked why they hadn't ended up breaking up as they initially planned, the majority, 47%, said they felt the holiday 'helped their relationship.' 28% just put it down to a 'change of heart', whilst 21% said they stayed together due to 'habit'.

All respondents were also asked if they had ever split up with someone in order to be deliberately single for a holiday they were about to go on, to which 11% said that they had.

We were amazed to find out that so many people had put off ending a relationship just so they could go on holiday! Whilst it's very sweet that some people managed to rekindle the romance and are still together, going on holiday isn't really a reason to stay with someone if you're unhappy.

It must be incredibly awkward to work out that you no longer want to be in that relationship when you've booked a holiday, but just because you have booked it doesn't mean that you have to go. Many holiday companies offer a cancellation policy and there's always the option of finding someone to replace if you really don't want to go!
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