Brexit Misconceptions: No holidays in the EU

Posted by Sue Anderson, 8th Jun 2016

The EU referendum is just round the corner and it's definitely no secret that many people are becoming confused as to what will actually happen if we were to leave the EU. It's hard to get unbiased information on the matter which has led to people being misguided and making presumptions.

We wanted to find out more about Britons' understanding of the Brexit and how they thought it would impact their travels. We spoke to 2,126 Britons aged 18 and over from various regions across the UK and asked them about Brexit and how they thought it would impact the travelling industry.

1 In 6 Britons Think Brexit Would Mean They'd Be Banned From Holidaying in Europe

We supplied a list of possible scenarios and asked respondents to select which ones they believed the Brexit would mean for Britain. The following emerged as the top 5:

1. Holidays abroad to the EU would become more expensive - 61%

2. Holidays abroad to the EU would become cheaper - 39%

3. Britons would no longer be allowed to holiday abroad to EU countries - 16%

4. British tourism from overseas residents would decline - 14%

5. Devaluation of the pound (worth less Euros) - 11%

1 In 10 Britons Think We Will Be Treated Badly By Those Living In Other EU Countries If We Vote Leave

Further down the list, one in ten respondents (9%) said that they felt they would be treated badly by those living in other EU countries if Britain decided to leave the European Union and they decided to holiday there. People thought that the sense of community we have with European countries currently would be diminished if we were to leave the EU on the 23rd of June.

We wanted to find out whether these misconceptions were going to affect how Britons will vote, so we asked respondents who were of the belief that a Brexit would mean that the European borders were closed off to Britons wanting to holiday there if they planned to vote "stay" or "leave". 88% planned to vote stay in the referendum on the 23rd of June.

27% Of People Will Not Be Voting At All

When we asked all participants if they planned to vote in the EU referendum, 27% stated they wouldn't be voting at all.

Of those taking part in the poll, 52%, over half, admitted to feeling 'confused' about what leaving or staying would actually mean for Britons.

With information on the referendum everywhere at the moment, it's presumed that all of us know exactly what is going on, however every media outlet seems to have its own agenda and therefore often writes an article on the pros and cons which completely contradicts another outlet. Finding a source to learn from which has no bias at all is proving difficult and because of this, many people are just refusing to vote.
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