12 Year Olds Are Getting Drunk On Holiday Abroad

Posted by Sue Anderson, 30th Jun 2016

The results of our most recent poll are some of the most shocking we've witnessed in a while. Everyone knows that British tourists often make a bad name for themselves for their boozy habits on holiday, but what if we told you that kids are also jumping on the alcohol bandwagon abroad?

We surveyed 2,113 people aged 18-21 in the UK and asked them about their first experience of drinking alcohol. The survey was, however, anonymous in order to encourage the participants to be as honest as possible with their answers.

We asked all of the young adults taking part 'How old were you when you first became intoxicated (tipsy or drunk) after drinking alcohol?'. Only 2% of the respondents told us that they had never drank alcohol, but the average age state amongst those who had (98%) was '12' years of age. These people were then asked where they had been drinking when they had first become drunk.

The top five places where young Britons first becoming intoxicated after drinking alcohol were revealed as follows:

1. On holiday abroad - 66%

2. At home - 11%

3. At a friend's house - 10%

4. In a park - 7%

5. At a wedding/special occasion - 3%

Spain Most Likely Destination For Underage Holiday Drinking

Anyone who had first become drunk under the age of 16 was asked if their parents had been present at the time of drinking, or aware that they were drinking alcohol much underage, to which 59% said 'yes'. Those who said they had first become drunk when they were abroad on holiday and also underage were asked where they had been at the time, which revealed 'Spain' to be the most common holiday destination for underage drinking.

We asked all relevant respondents what alcoholic beverage they had been drinking when they became intoxicated for the first time, which revealed 'alcopops' (31%), 'cider' (25%) and wine/champagne (22%) as the top three answers.

It's fair to say that alcohol is more freely available to young people when they're on holiday abroad, because other countries can be more lenient with their alcohol laws and policies. It's rare for teenagers to be asked for ID in holiday resorts. However, it's one thing letting a youngster have a sip of your champagne on New Year's Eve, but another matter entirely allowing them to end up drunk; not to mention dangerous!
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