Baggage/Luggage Allowance Guide

Note: Remember all bookings contain basic baggage allowance for each passenger (excluding infants). This consists of 1 item of hold luggage and 1 item of hand luggage per person.

Airline NameHold Baggage Allowance*Hand Baggage Allowance*
Low Cost Airlines
Aer Lingus20 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Air Malta20 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Easyjet20 kgs pp5 kgs pp
Fly Thomas Cook20 kgs pp6 kgs pp
Fly Thomas Cook25 kgs pp6 kgs pp
Fly Thomas Cook30 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Fly Thomas Cook23 kgs pp6 kgs pp
Fly Thomas Cook32 kgs pp10 kgs pp
FlyBe20 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Jet 222 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Norwegian Air (flight codes DY)20kgs pp10kgs pp(Booked From 13/12/2012 onwards)
Norwegian Air20kgs pp10kgs pp(Booked From 13/12/2012 onwards)
Thomson20 kgs pp5 kgs pp(Booked From 12/06/2011 onwards)
Thomson Flights20 kgs pp5 kgs pp
Vueling (flight codes VY)23kgs10kgs(Booked From 13/12/2012 onwards)
Scheduled Airlines
Teleticket (flight codes TOM)15 kgs pp5 kgs pp
Teleticket20 kgs pp5 kgs pp
Teleticket (flight codes LS)22 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Teleticket Saver20 kgs pp5 kgs pp
Teleticket Saver (flight codes LS)22 kgs pp10 kgs pp
Teleticket Saver (flight codes TOM)15 kgs pp5 kgs pp

* excluding infants

The above values are per-person, luggage cannot be combined between passengers. Checked in hold luggage is limited to 1 item per person unless otherwise stated.

Scheduled Vs Chartered Airlines

One of the questions that a lot of people ask is what is the difference between these two types of flights.

The airline companies such as British Airways, British Midland, KLM operate flights that run day in day out and travel all around the world. There is a time table these flights usually conform to and it's generally repeated through out the year. Airlines as well as travel agents generally sell seats on scheduled flights to the public.

Chartered on the other hand is when a specific flight is booked by a travel firm such as Thomson, First Choice e.t.c. for their exclusive use to be used either as part of a package or just for them to sell as they like. Hence the flight is said to be chartered i.e. hired for the purpose of the travel firm.

So there is no real difference from a consumers point of view, except that if you have a problem with your flight, if it's chartered you would contact the travel company, and if it's scheduled you would contact the airline direct. All companies in the UK who charter flights need an ATOL licence which provides a bond for consumer protection.

Please note this information is provided as a guideline only. Up to date information can be found direct from the airlines website, or on your ticket if it's a chartered airline. Where a supplier uses another airline that is not their own, then the individual airlines luggage allowance shall be applied.

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