Weekend Break Abroad Tops List of Desired Valentine's Gifts

Posted by Sue Anderson, 18th Feb 2013

Our latest poll revealed that flowers and chocolates were no longer on the wish lists of loved-up couples this Valentine's Day, with a 'weekend break abroad' topping off the list for what women in relationships would most like from their partner.

It appears that the traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates were no longer desirable gifts for women to receive from their partners this Valentine's Day as we found that the top gift on the wish lists of female adults in relationships in the UK is a 'weekend break abroad'.

We decided to carry out the study as part of ongoing research into the importance of holidays in people's lives. 2,147 female adults from the UK took part in the study and answered questions about Valentine's gifts. All those taking part had been in a relationship with the same person for at least 2 years.

Weekend Breaks and Jewellery were the most desirable gifts

Initially, those taking part were asked what they would most like from their partner as a gift this Valentine's Day, choosing from a list of possible answers and selecting more than one answer if they'd like more than one gift. The most desirable gifts, according to the answers, were as follows:

1. Weekend break abroad - 51%

2. Weekend break UK - 33%

3. Jewellery - 26%

4. iPad Mini - 24%

5. Perfume - 19%

6. Romantic meal - 15%

7. Chocolates - 11%

8. Clothes - 8%

9. 7/14 night break anywhere - 3%

10. Flowers - 2%

New cars and puppies were also on the wanted list!

Respondents were also given the option to select 'other' but were then asked to specify what they would like as a gift from their partner on Valentine's Day. One respondent that selected 'other' said that she would like a 'new car' from her partner, whilst five different respondents stated they'd like a 'puppy'.

Three quarters said they would be unhappy if they just received a card

When asked 'Would you be OK with it if your partner just bought you a card for Valentine's Day?' almost three quarters, 74%, said 'no'.

Valentine's Day gifts seem to be getting more and more extravagant! It won't be long before cars and puppies start topping the wish lists. However, at least a weekend break is something you can do together- unless she takes off with her girlfriends!

We were quite surprised to see how low down 'flowers' featured on the wish list. Not everyone can afford a weekend break, as much as they would like to, so at least a bunch of flowers shows you that he's thinking about you!
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