Sun cream? Check! Swimwear? Check! Pasta? Uh...

Posted by Sue Anderson, 27th Aug 2013

When you're packing your suitcase to take on holiday, it's easy to remember all the essentials. From sun cream and swimwear to flip flops and fancy holiday clothes, there's a usual tick list to stick to. However, do you every think about packing food to take on holiday?

Well, our latest poll aimed to find out how many people take food on holiday with them for whatever reason. We spoke to 1,996 people aged 18 and over from around the UK and everyone that took part in the poll had been on holiday abroad in the past year. Lucky so and so's!

1 in 3 pack food to take on holiday

When asked, 'Did you pack any food to take abroad on your last holiday?' more than a third of those taking part, 35%, told us that they did. Why don't more people think to do that? There are so many reasons that make this a great idea, but we wanted to find out from the holidaymakers that did take food with them, why they did so.

According to our study, here are the main reasons for packing food to take on holiday:

1. To save money - 56%

2. Fussy eater/in case I can't find food I like - 34%

3. Knew I'd crave it - 19%

4. For children specifically - 11%

5. Dietary requirements - 9%

'Cereal' most common food item packed in suitcases

So, what kind of food are people taking in their suitcases? Nothing perishable we hope! We gave those taking part a big list to choose from, based on what they had previously packed to take on holiday if they had done so. Here is what we found:

1. Cereal - 62%

2. Bread - 51%

3. Chocolate - 44%

4. Crisps - 36%

5. Pasta - 27%

6. Tea bags - 22%

7. Baby food - 17%

8. Baby formula milk - 14%

9. Biscuits - 9%

10. Tinned food - 7%

Just a fifth, 21%, of those that admitted to packing food for their last holiday abroad were on a self catering break; meaning the remaining respondents had some amount of food provided by their accommodation. We think it's a great idea to take food on holiday with you. Snacks like crackers and biscuits can end up saving money whilst you're there, but you can also take items for main meals like dry pasta and tinned goods. Why spend money on food whilst on holiday when you can take a little with you in the first place?
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