Sporting Events Top Reason Affecting Holiday Booking Dates

Posted by Sue Anderson, 21st Jan 2013

Our latest research has found what events you plan your holidays around to ensure you aren't away abroad when those events happen; with 'sporting events' such as key football matches and the Olympics being the most common things that affected holiday booking dates in 2012.

Our poll aimed to find out what, if anything, people from the UK planned their holidays around in 2012; in terms of specific events and happenings throughout the year. We found that sporting events were one of the most common things that people planned their holidays around, to ensure they didn't miss anything that was important to them.

The poll was carried out as part of ongoing research into the holiday booking habits of people around the UK. 1,428 adults from the UK took part in the study and answered questions about holidays they'd been on in the past year and what, if anything, they'd booked their trip around to ensure they didn't miss an important event or happening back home.

82% said they had booked holiday dates that didn't clash with a certain event

When asked, 'When booking your last holiday abroad, did you pick dates that didn't clash with a certain event or happening back home on purpose?' 82% of those taking part said 'yes'. All respondents that said 'yes' were then asked what events they'd planned their last trip abroad around in the past year.

Sporting events, birthdays and weddings were the most common

According to the poll, the most common events for people to book their holidays around, to ensure they didn't miss anything back home, were as follows:

1. Sporting events 57%

2. Birthday(s) 49%

3. Weddings 37%

4. Video game release 22%

5. School 20%

6. Christmas 18%

7. Sales 16%

8. Film releases 9%

9. Anniversary 7%

10. Work commitments 4%

57% admitted that they had deliberately booked a holiday to avoid an event

On the other hand, when asked if they’d ever deliberately booked a holiday to avoid something going on back home, 57% said they'd also done that. When asked what they'd avoided by going away on holiday, 23% said it was 'something at work', whilst 4% picked 'birthday(s)'; either their own or someone else's.

It can be quite difficult to book a holiday due to everything that's going on, especially if you're going with a lot of people. It's inevitable that there's always going to be something that means you can't go on the dates that you would like to! However, don't things like birthdays and anniversaries hold you back too much- at least if you have your special day on holiday, it will be one to remember!

There are obviously a sneaky few who book their holidays to avoid things going on at home. Whilst it might feel good relaxing abroad when something big is going on at work, it's not very responsible!
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