Snap Happy Holidaymakers Come Home with 300+ Photos

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Mar 2013

Holidays are all about lying on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shore and drinking bucket loads of sangria, right? Yes, of course, but let's not forget that for many people they are also an opportunity to take photo after photo after photo of Spain's stray cats, that view from your hotel room and that cocktail that seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, in our recent poll we wanted to find out just how many holiday photos Britons tend to return home with after a trip abroad. We spoke to 2,162 UK adults who had been on a week long holiday abroad in the past year and asked them all about their holiday snaps.

Just 10% of holiday photos are deemed 'good enough' to share on social media

When we asked people to estimate how many holiday photos they'd come home with from their last holiday abroad, the average answer was '300+' from phones and cameras. We then asked how many pictures, if any, they'd chosen to share on social media platforms and found that, on average, only 10% of photographs are deemed good enough for the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was the first choice for those sharing their holiday snaps with friends and family, with 82% of the vote.

97% keep holiday photos trapped in the digital world

When we asked people if they had printed any of their holiday photos yet, such as for frames around the house or photo albums, 97% admitted that they had not. That's almost everyone! What happened to the tradition of the holiday photo album? What will relatives do when they meet up on an annual basis from now on if they haven't got holiday photo albums to look at? We just don't know.

79% of those who hadn't yet printed any holiday photos said it was highly likely they would remain trapped in the digital world forever more.

We think it's a real shame that this has come to be such a common occurrence. We think your holiday photos should be plastered all around your house. Hey, make wallpaper out of them if you have to! It's fine to have them all saved on your laptop or PC, but at least allow a few of them to enter the real world.
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