Many Ignore FO Advice about Unsafe Destinations

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Jul 2013

When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues travel advice and warnings, it's best to pay attention and base your holiday decisions around whatever it is they're saying.

However, our latest poll has revealed that many people chose to ignore this advice if they've already made their mind up to go somewhere, which we think is a little bit daft. We polled 1,962 British adults and asked them all about their travel experiences and what they'd do if they were advised not to go somewhere. It seems that we're a stubborn bunch!

When we asked 'If you'd made your mind up to travel to a destination, would you cancel or delay plans if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had advised travellers not to go there?' 55% said they'™d ignore the advice and travel anyway.

'Violent incidents and protests' most likely to keep Britons at bay

When we asked the sensible lot that said they would pay attention to FCO travel advice what type of situation would make them most likely to stay away from a destination, 'violent incidents and protests' was the most common response (55% agreed). However, 34% said they'd be most likely to not travel if a severe weather or natural disaster warning had been issued.

Overwhelming majority wouldn't check FCO warnings before travelling

When those polled were asked if they were aware of the countries that the FCO had currently issued traveller warnings for, 91% of the Britons taking part in the poll said 'no'. All those taking part were asked if they would check the FCO website or travel warnings before booking a trip or travelling to a destination, just in case there was a warning for where they were planning to go. Three quarters, 75%, of the respondents admitted that they wouldn't.

Here at, we'd suggest always staying up to date with travel warnings, because you never know what destinations might be dangerous or unsuitable for visitors.
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