Majority of Holidaymakers 'Intimidated' by 5* Resorts

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Oct 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that the majority of British holidaymakers could be missing out on what luxury five star resorts around the world offer; with over half of you claiming to feel intimidated by swanky hotels.

Whilst five star holidays are certainly most people's idea of heaven, it would appear that there are many who actively avoid such luxury; with more than half claiming to feel intimidated by 5* holiday resorts and the majority of that half avoiding them.

We decided to find out more about people's preferences on holidays and, specifically, what star rating they tended to opt for when going away. 2,107 UK adults took part in the study, each of whom had been away on holiday abroad in the past year, as part of a family.

The majority of those polled had stayed in 3* resorts

The majority of those taking part in the poll had stayed in '3*' accommodation on their last trip abroad, with the majority staying on a 'self catering' basis.

Just 12% had stayed in a 5* resort before

When asked if they had ever stayed in a 5* resort or hotel before, just 12% of those taking part said that they had. All respondents were asked about their opinions of 5* resorts and hotels, whether or not they had been to one before. 57% of those taking part in the study claimed to feel 'intimidated' by five star resorts and hotels; 9% of which had been to a 5* resort before.

A fifth of respondents claimed to be 'in awe' of 5* hotels

22% of those taking part said they were 'in awe of' five start resorts and hotels, while 12% were 'indifferent'.

The main reason for being intimidated was the fear that other guests might be 'snobbish'

Those who claimed to feel intimidated by five star resorts and hotels were asked to give their reasons why, selecting from a list of possible answers. The most common reasons were as follows:

Other guests might be snobbish 54%

Not as welcoming for children 32%

Certain dress codes at dinner 21%

Unfriendly staff 17%

Pretentious food 13%

A third of respondents said they wouldn't stay in a 5* hotel

Furthermore, 32% said they wouldn't stay in a five star resort, even if they could afford to.

Five star resorts are the best of the best when it comes to staying away on holiday, so we can understand why some people might feel intimidated. However, if you can afford to book a five-star holiday, there's no reason why you shouldn't be there! Most 5* star resorts are welcoming and friendly. As many are all-inclusive, they're often more than happy to cater for your every need!
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