Majority of Brits Too Scared to Ask for Holiday Upgrades

Posted by Sue Anderson, 31st Jul 2012

Our latest poll has revealed that the majority of British holidaymakers are too scared to ask for upgrades on holiday, despite those that do having a 50% success rate at getting what they ask for at no extra cost.

It would appear that many Britons could be missing out when going on holiday abroad by not asking for upgrades. Despite a 50% success rate amongst those holidaymakers that do ask for cheeky upgrades, the majority of you claim to be too afraid to do so.

We carried out the poll as part of ongoing research into the holiday habits and preferences of people around the UK when going abroad. 2,109 Britons, each over the age of 18, took part in the study and answered questions about their last holiday abroad. All respondents had been away on holiday abroad in the past 12 months.

77% of those polled said that they hadn't attempted to ask for a free upgrade on their last holiday abroad

When asked 'Did you attempt to ask for a free upgrade, either at your accommodation or before your flight, on your last holiday abroad?' the majority, 77%, of those taking part said 'no'. These respondents were then asked why they hadn't attempted to get a free upgrade, to which 61% said they were 'too scared' and 27% said they thought it 'wouldn't work'.

The most common upgrade granted was a better room

We then questioned the 23% of respondents who had asked for a free upgrade at some point further. When asked if they had been successful in getting a free upgrade, 49% of those who had tried their luck said 'yes'. The most common upgrade granted for no extra cost was a 'better room' at their choice of accommodation, with 'better airline seats' coming in second place.'

11% of those who asked for an upgrade said they had either lied or complained to help their case

11% of those who had asked for an upgrade of some sort on their last holiday said they had either lied or complained to help their case. A quarter, 24%, of those who had tried to get an upgrade said they had tried to slip the member of staff they were asking some money, to encourage them to grant their wish.

Here at, we think there's no harm in trying your luck! You've got nothing to lose by asking for a free upgrade- the worst they're going to say is no! It's usually more difficult to get a seat upgrade on a plane, as the majority of flights are usually full. However, if hotels aren't fully booked, many can be happy to offer you a room upgrade at no extra price. If the room would have otherwise been empty, they often seen no harm!
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