Holidaymakers Take Their Next Break Just 1.5 Months Later

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Sep 2012

Our latest survey has revealed how long it takes for Britons to feel like they 'need' another holiday after they've returned from their last trip abroad; with the average person wanting to escape the UK after just one and a half months after returning from their last holiday.

It would appear that the distress of returning from holiday is too much for many, as a high number of UK holidaymakers say that they feel the need for another holiday not long after returning from their last.

We carried out the study as part of ongoing research into the holiday habits and preferences of people around the UK. 1,714 UK adults took part in the study, each of whom had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months and respondents answered questions about how refreshed their last trip had left them feeling; and, more importantly, how long that feeling had lasted.

Three-quarters claimed that taking a holiday abroad was very important

When asked their views towards taking holidays abroad and asked to select the main answer that applied to them from a list of possible answers, the results from the poll were as follows:

Essential/very important - 74%

A special treat - 13%

Can take or leave one - 9%

Not needed - 3%

Other - 1%

The average holidaymaker needed another holiday 1.5 months after returning from their previous trip

All respondents were then asked how long it took for them to feel like they 'needed' another holiday abroad, after they returned from their last trip. When all answers were taken into account, the average time it took for people to feel the need for another holiday was '1.5 months'.

Half of respondents said that work was the main reason for needing another holiday

Those taking part were asked what factors contributed to them feeling the need for a holiday so soon after their last trip, if applicable, to which the most common answer was 'work'; something which 52% of respondents agreed on. 26% of those taking part blamed 'stress of family life' on feeling the need for another holiday, whilst 11% said it was 'the weather'.

We'd love to be on holiday all year round, but unfortunately it's not possible (until we win the lottery...). Returning to the rainy UK is enough to make anyone want to disappear to sunnier climes!

If you are the kind of person that likes to jet off abroad, then why not book a week off work and look for somewhere last minute? It's important to use your holiday allowance wisely, as taking days off here and there can really eat into your holiday time, so make sure to keep a note if you want to spend a couple of weeks abroad!
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