Holiday Romance - 1 in 10 Couples Meet on Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 24th May 2013

In our latest study we wanted to look into holiday romances, to see how many couples meet overseas. We polled 1,714 Britons, each aged 18 and over and who had been in a relationship for the last 12 months at least.

In order to get to the bottom of how they'd met, we asked a series of questions to uncover the who, what, where and hows! So, if you're looking to spark up a holiday romance any time soon, listen up and take note, as we may well have found out the best places to go!

Majority of couples meet through a friend

When we asked the respondents to tell us how they'd met their current partner, the poll revealed the following results:

Through a friend - 27%

Whilst out socially - 21%

At work - 19%

Online - 15%

On holiday - 11%

We spoke to those who'd met their partner on holiday in a little more detail, because we wanted to know what destinations were responsible for playing cupid the most frequently. As it turned out, the Balearic Islands like Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza were the most popular destinations for holiday relationships to begin, with 13% of those who said they'd met their partner on holiday claiming that was where they'd been at the time.

9% of holiday romances had begun in Turkey and Egypt was the next most popular place for relationships to begin, with 8% of the vote. When looking back at previous relationships that those taking part had been in, 13% admitted that they had met a previous partner whilst they'd been on holiday but had later broken up.

So, relationships that start on holiday may well be doomed, because we found that the average length of time of these past relationships that had begun on holiday was '1 year and 3 months' - spelling trouble for those that were currently enjoying an extended holiday romance.

Fifth of Britons have cheated on a partner on holiday

Holiday romances aren't always advised though, especially as our poll revealed that 19% admitted to cheating on a current or previous partner whilst on a holiday.

Holidays are probably the time of year when you feel and look your best, so it's no surprise that a fair few sparks fly whilst abroad. It's nice to see that so many relationships start on holiday, as it's certainly a better story than meeting down the local pub!
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