Have you left Europe for a holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 29th Oct 2013

Whilst Europe offers a variety of enchanting holiday destinations, there is more of the world to see. Have you ever been on holiday to a country outside of Europe? No, the Canary Islands don't count. Just because Tenerife is more than 4 hours away on a plane and level with Africa, it just doesn't count.

We spoke to 2,134 adults from the UK who had been on holiday abroad in the past and we asked them all about the places they had visited and the places they planned to go to on holiday in future.

Half of Britons admit they've never left Europe for a holiday

Initially, those taking part in the poll were asked if they had ever been on holiday abroad outside of Europe. 55% admitted that they had not, whilst 17% said that they were 'unsure' if they had left Europe, because either their geographical knowledge wasn't up to scratch or they couldn't remember all of their holidays. They must have been on a LOT of holidays to not remember them all.

Two fifths of respondents would never leave Europe for a holiday

Everyone taking part was then asked if they would ever holiday outside of Europe (asked to select 'yes' if they already had been outside of Europe). According to our poll, two fifths, 39%, said that they would not go on holiday abroad anywhere outside of Europe, but why? We aimed to find out.

These were the top 5 reasons stated amongst those saying they would never leave Europe:

1. Uneasy about unfamiliar places - 41%

2. Prefer short-haul flights - 34%

3. Think it's too expensive to holiday outside of Europe - 29%

4. No need/favourite destinations are in Europe - 24%

5. Fear of flying - 16%

Like we said earlier, there are SO many sights to see around the world and it's a real shame to think that some people may not ever get to experience other continents. Holidays outside of Europe don't have to cost a lot of money and they don't always involve a long plane journey, so we'd recommend broadening your horizons and seeing what other holidays are out there!
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