Have You Unpacked Your Summer Holiday Suitcase Yet?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 7th Oct 2014

How long does it take you to unpack your holiday suitcase once you get back from a trip abroad? Do you do it the same day and get it over and done with, or do you leave it at the foot of the stairs and shy away from that mountain of washing that your holiday seemed to cause?

We polled 2,377 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom had been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months, and we asked them about their packing (and more specifically their unpacking) habits.

61% of holidaymakers don't unpack their cases during their holiday

When we asked, 'When you arrived at your holiday destination, did you unpack or did you live out of your suitcase?' the majority of respondents (61%) admitted to living out of their suitcase. Let's face it, the wardrobe space in hotels isn't always the best, especially if they only provide you with three and a half hangers. 17% of the respondents told us they 'unpacked everything' from their case once they'd reached their accommodation, whilst 22% said they unpacked some items and left some in their suitcase to take out when needed.

Everyone taking part was then asked how long it had taken them to unpack their suitcase once they'd returned home from their holiday destination. Only 13% of the people polled said they'd unpacked their suitcase on the first day they returned home, whilst 11% of those taking part said they didn't properly unpack their suitcase for one month or longer (defined as leaving everything but everyday essentials in the case). We hope they had some other clean underwear at home!

Majority of holidaymakers unpack the day after they return home

The majority of holidaymakers, 42% said they unpacked their suitcase the day after they returned home from their holiday. Our poll also revealed that 21% of people put their suitcase back in the attic, cupboard or another storage area when not in use, with items still inside. When we asked what these items were, the top answers were:

1. Travel plugs - 62%

2. Swimwear - 51%

3. Sun protection cream - 37%

4. Beach/pool paraphernalia (buckets, inflatables etc.) - 22%

5. Hats - 14%

We know unpacking your suitcase is a horrible task, not least because it makes the holiday feel well and truly over. However, it's better to get it over and done with! Our best tip would be to see if your hotel abroad offers a laundry service and get as many of your clothes as possible washed and dried before you get home. That way, you can unpack and put your clothes straight away, instead of having to tackle the laundry yourself!
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