Fifth of Women Use Sunbeds for Base Tan Before Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 5th Apr 2013

Booking a holiday can mean a number of things, but one thing is for sure and that is that most ladies want to wax, workout, tan and tone their way to looking great before their trip. Our latest poll aimed to find out just how far British women are willing to go to ensure they look tip top when they touch their first flip-flop adorned foot down onto foreign soil.

We surveyed 1,927 lovely ladies from around the UK, each aged 21 and over and who had been on holiday abroad somewhere warm in the last year. We interrogated (OK, not quite) them about their usual holiday preparations and the things they did in the run up to an overseas break to ensure they looked 'holiday-ready'.

Those seeking a sunbed base tan spend 30 minutes doing so

When asked 'Have you ever used a sunbed to achieve a 'base tan' before going on a hot holiday abroad in the past?' 19%, almost a fifth, of those taking part said 'yes'. That's scary stuff considering how dangerous sunbeds have been proven to be! What's worse is that the women using sunbeds to build a base tan before holidays confessed to as spending as many as 30 minutes baking themselves on the beds before going away!

Majority don't want to look pale on first day of holiday

When we asked the ladies that said they used sunbeds before an overseas holiday to explain their reasons for wanting a base tan, 62% said it was because they didn't want to appear 'pale' on their first day. 14% tried to convince themselves it was for their own good, claiming it was all part of their plan to ensure they didn't get sunburn during their holiday. You're not fooling anyone!

A fifth said that a base tan helped them get a darker tan from the natural sunlight whilst they were on holiday, which is why they used the sunbeds. What’s perhaps most worrying about our latest poll is that, when we asked everyone taking part if they thought sunbeds were dangerous, less than half (43%) said 'yes'. Also, when asked if they had become sunburnt on their last holiday abroad, a huge number of the women taking part, 77%, said that they had. Ouch.

Listen up everyone - sunbeds are a terrible invention and should be avoided at all costs. Don't worry about not looking bronzed on your first day of the holiday, because you'll be in the same boat as loads of other people! If you insist on getting a tan before you go away, do yourself a favour and fake it.
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