Fifth of Holidays Booked in the Workplace

Posted by Sue Anderson, 14th Jan 2013

Our latest research has revealed that a fifth of all holidays abroad are booked in the workplace on the company's time; with employees taking advantage of their internet access for tasks other than working.

It would appear that many employees around the UK use their working hours for tasks other than what they were intended for, as our latest research has revealed that a fifth of all holidays abroad are booked in the workplace, rather than at home in the traveller's own time.

We carried out the poll after noticing an increase in holiday bookings between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, when most people are typically at work. We polled a total of 2,107 UK adults, each of whom had been on holiday abroad in the past 6 months and who had been responsible for the booking. Respondents were asked about their whereabouts when booking and their methods.

21% of respondents admitted to booking holidays on company time

First of all, respondents were asked where they were when they had booked their last holiday abroad. According to the study, the most common places were as follows:

At home: 42%

At work (on company time): 21%

At a friend's/relative's: 17%

On the move: 11%

In a travel agency: 4%

Those that booked holidays at work spent, on average, two hours doing so

Respondents were also given the option of selecting 'other' and, of these, 12% said they booked their last holiday at work, but not on company time. Those who said that they had booked their last holiday at work on company time were asked how long they had spent doing so, to which the average answer was '2 hours' in total.

Just 4% said that their boss knew that they were booking a holiday

When asked if their boss had been aware that they'd been booking a holiday at work, just 4% of these respondents said 'yes'.

We were quite surprised to find out that a fifth of people book their holidays at work, especially when it takes them about two hours! Clearly many people take liberties at work. Perhaps it's down to a faster internet connection, or maybe you spot a really good deal, but it's probably best to leave it until your own time as your boss might not let you know.
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