E-Readers Overtake Traditional Books on Holidays

Posted by Sue Anderson, 6th Aug 2012

Here at sunshine.co.uk, we wanted to find out what makes more of an appearance by the pool side or on the beach on holidays when it comes to kicking back, relaxing and reading; that's right people, it's the e-reader vs. traditional book debate. Which is best?

Well, if our research of 1,928 UK holidaymakers is anything to go by, it's the e-reader that has the edge at the moment. We polled people who had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months and asked them all about their reading habits, if any, whilst away.

79% read on their last holiday abroad

When we asked how many people had read some sort of literature or novel when on their last holiday abroad, 79% of those taking part said they had. So, we wanted to get to the bottom of whether most reading was carried out with a good old traditional book, or a more high tech e-reader, such as a Kindle.

When looking at the split of e-reader use versus regular books, e-reader devices were actually more commonly used. 51% of those taking part who had read on holiday had done so using an e-reader device, compared to 49% with traditional books.

E-Readers most popular with 40+ age group

When looking at the ages of people most commonly using e-reader devices, those aged 40 + were the main group; whilst 18-25 year olds used them the least; making up just 11% of the group that used e-reader devices.

All respondents who had used an e-reader on holiday were asked if it was their device, or if they had borrowed it. A third, 32%, said they had borrowed the device. When asked why they preferred an e-reader to a normal book, the majority, 44% said it was 'easier to hold', whilst 29% said it was 'easier to see in the sun'. Of those who chose normal books over an e-reader device, a quarter, 24%, felt e-readers were 'too expensive'; whilst the overwhelming majority, 46%, said they 'simple preferred books'.

So, what do we think? E-readers are certainly useful in terms of cutting down on weight in your suitcase, not to mention the fact they are more comfortable to hold when laying on a sun lounger. We're all for the e-reader!
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