Does TOWIE Make You Want To Holiday in Marbella?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 23rd Jan 2014

When you see a destination featured in a TV show or film, it can make you end up wanting to visit the place in question. Those of you who have watched The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio will have seen how tempting the blue seas and stunning scenery of Thailand appeared to be (and, indeed, is).

We wanted to find out what it was that inspired people's holiday choices the most, so we spoke to 2,149 adults from around the UK and asked them about their holiday plans for 2014.

1 in 10 Britons have visited a destination abroad after seeing it on TV or in a film

When we asked the question 'Have you ever visited a destination abroad after seeing it in a film or on TV and liking the look of it?', 11% of those taking part said 'yes'. When everyone taking part in the poll was asked if they were thinking of visiting a destination in 2014 that they'd liked the look of in a film or on TV before, a fifth (22%) said that they were.

Lord of the Rings inspires holidaymakers to visit New Zealand

We then asked this lovely bunch of people where they had seen on TV or in a film that they'd like to be able to visit in 2014 (and respondents could selected multiple destinations if they were feeling adventurous), to which the most common answers were as follows:

1. Wellington, New Zealand (Lord of the Rings)

2. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand (The Beach)

3. Skopelos, Greece (Mamma Mia!)

4. New York, USA (Sex and the City series)

5. Bali (Eat, Pray, Love)

6. Las Vegas, USA (The Hangover)

7. Venice, Italy (The Tourist)

8. Virginia, USA (Dirty Dancing)

9. Beverley Hills, California, USA (90210)

10. Marbella, Spain (The Only Way is Essex)

When we asked if they thought they would actually end up visiting a destination on holiday that they liked the look of on TV or in a film, 62% said that they 'probably wouldn't'. What a shame that is! When we later asked why this was the case, 44% said they'd probably just stick to where they knew they liked. What do you think? Is this a sensible attitude to have, or can it hold people back in terms of their travelling potential?

Films and TV programmes often showcase destinations in their very best possible light, so it's easy to see why people may be tempted by the glitz and glamour the big screen shows. However, it always pays to research a destination you want to visit, as it might not be all that similar to the way it comes across in the movies.
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