Do you even feel you're missing out when on holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Jul 2013

Have you ever been lying on a beach on holiday and thinking 'wow, I wish I was at home right now'? No? Us neither! But it appears that some people have different ideas. Our latest research has looked into whether or not young adult holidaymakers ever wish they were at home when they were actually on holiday and what the reasons behind that might be.

We polled 1,792 UK adults aged between 18 and 25 and asked them about their last holiday abroad. Everyone had been lucky enough to go away on holiday, abroad, in the past 12 months.

Majority of young adults worry they're missing out on life back home when on holiday

Of all the young adults that we spoke to in the poll, 51% of them said that they worried about what they could be missing out on back home during their trip. As you can imagine, we were really keen to find out what kind of things they felt they were missing, because as far as we're concerned, it doesn't get much better than a sun lounger, a pool bar and the blazing sunshine.

Out of everybody that said they had worried about missing out on life back home during their last holiday abroad, a whopping 78% had been on holiday with their family members at the time, as opposed to a group of friends, perhaps suggesting that it was good times with their mates they were worried about missing.

'Gossip' missed the most amongst young adults

Everyone who admitted to feeling as though they were missing out on something back home during their last holiday was asked to state exactly what they worried about missing the most. According to our poll, the results were as follows:

1. Gossip - 75%

2. TV - 51%

3. Social media - 48%

4. Nights out - 33%

5. Partner's actions - 19%

A further 11% of the respondents selected 'work' as something they worried about missing out on whilst on holiday. Are they crazy? Holidays should be all about taking a break from working life!

Even more surprisingly, a fifth of the young people we spoke to, 19%, admitted that they had been 'eager to get home' almost as soon as they'd arrived in their last holiday destination. A similar number of respondents, 22%, claimed that their worries of 'missing out' had impacted on their holiday experience.

Our advice would be to forget about life back home when you're on holiday, because it's often the one chance you get each year to have a total break and relax. If you spend your holiday worrying about what you could be missing back home, like who said what about who in the office, you're going to spoil your trip!
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