Average Briton Spends Over 24 Hours Researching Holiday

Posted by Sue Anderson, 3rd Sep 2012

Our latest survey has revealed that the average Briton spends more than 24 hours looking for and researching holidays on the internet before they actually book anything; regardless of whether they book online or in a travel agency in the end.

It would appear that many of you put a lot of thought into your holidays, as our latest research has found that the average UK holidaymaker spends 24 hours trawling the internet to research and look for holidays in the run up to booking.

As part of our research into the holiday habits and preferences of people from around the UK, we polled a total of 1,049 adults, all of whom had been abroad in the last year, in order to try and find out a bit more about the research process before a holiday abroad is booked.

The average Brit spends 4.5 hours a week searching for their summer holiday

When asked to estimate how much time they spent per week researching holiday destinations and hotels online before they finally got around to booking their last holiday, the average answer was '4.5 hours' per week.

It took the average holiday maker 6 weeks to book their holiday

Those polled were then asked how many weeks it had taken them to decide on and book a holiday destination and accommodation for their stay, to which the average answer was '6 weeks'. When taking into account that the average respondent researched holiday destinations and hotels for 4.5 hours per week for 6 weeks before making a final decision; that equates to 27 entire hours sat in front of a computer screen searching for somewhere to go on holiday.

Air conditioning was the most important requirement for a holiday

When asked what their most important requirements were for accommodation when carrying out their research, the top 5 answers were as follows:

1. Air conditioning - 77%

2. Sea View - 64%

3. Pool - 61%

4. Good food - 58%

5. Child-friendly - 53%

It's important to book the holiday that's right for you, but too much research can be bad for you! You don't want to over think your holiday and putting off booking for too long can mean you miss out on some great deals and some even better weather! You can definitely end up over-complicating things by being too choosy.

If you find a holiday that's just right for you, then go for it! If you're looking for a new destination, then asking friends and family about their experiences is always a good idea, as they'll give you an honest opinion. The most important thing for most people is the cost of the holiday, so it's important to search around until you find a price that fits within your budget.
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