Are you guilty of these 'worst holiday fashion trends'?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Jul 2013

Have you ever stepped onto the beach on holiday with your socks neatly folded over above your sandals, thinking 'I look really, really cool'? Well, if you have, the answer was probably 'no'. Our latest poll aimed to uncover the worst holiday fashion trends, but not just based on our opinions (of course) as we asked members of the British public to vote.

Here at, we polled 2,178 British men and women and asked them to tell us what they deemed to be the worst holiday fashion trends. They were allowed to pick from a list of answers and the results were somewhat surprising.

Cut Out Swimsuits voted worst holiday fashion trend

According to the results of our poll, the worst holiday fashion trends are as follows:

1. Cut out swimsuits - 61%

2. Socks and sandals - 59%

3. Speedos - 55%

4. Ill fitting bikinis - 48%

5. Hawaiian Shirts - 37%

6. Patriotic clothing (e.g. England shirt or Union Jack clothes) - 36%

7. Sun visors - 31%

8. Maxi dresses - 28%

9. Oversized hats - 25%

10. Wedges - 19%

So, despite celebrities often strutting their stuff by the pool in these funky cut out swimsuits, it appears that they are generally disliked by the masses. We've never really understood the concept of a cut out cozzie to be honest; yes, those ventilation holes probably come in handy during hot weather, but imagine the tan lines!

Half of Brits don't make an effort fashion-wise on holiday

All the people taking part in the poll were asked whether they felt they made an effort fashion-wise on their holidays, to which 52% admitted that they didn't. When asked why this was the case, 46% said it was because they weren't likely to see anyone they knew, whilst 19% said it was in order to 'feel comfortable/relaxed'.

Why bother dressing up to the nines on holiday? Unless you're in a resort that requires you to dress for dinner, we think it's best to wear what you're comfortable in. There's nothing worse than having to dress a certain way when it is 30 degrees outside, so just dress how you want to and enjoy your break.
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