Are You More or Less Attractive on Holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 28th Oct 2014

If you've ever felt more attractive whilst on holiday, your partner may have thought you looked better too. Or, perhaps they thought you looked worse than usual because you weren't taking care of yourself like you normally would.

In our latest poll of 2,364 women aged 18 and over, we asked how holidays affected how attracted they were to their other half. Everyone we spoke to was in a relationship and had been on holiday with their partner in the last 12 months.

41% of women are 'more attracted' to their partner on holiday

We asked all respondents 'Would you say you were more, less or equally as attracted to your partner during your last holiday with them?' Although the majority told us that they were 'more attracted' to their partner (41%), a third of the women taking part (32%) revealed that they were 'less attracted' to their partner during the break. Ouch.

So, we asked the relevant respondents to explain why they were less attracted to their partner on the holiday. We gave them a list of answers and told them that they could select more than one if they wanted to, which revealed the following top five answers:

1. They had peeling or sunburnt skin - 46%

2. Spent too much time together - 35%

3. I and/or they suffered with heatstroke - 31%

4. They drank too much - 26%

5. They ogled other women - 19%

32% of women are 'less attracted' to their partner on holiday

Those who indicated that they found their partner more attractive were also asked to give reasons behind the change in their attractions, to which we were given these top five answers:

1. They take better care of themselves on holiday - 56%

2. They were just nicer to be around - 51%

3. They'd lost weight before the holiday - 36%

4. We have more time for each other on holiday - 33%

5. We have more sex on holiday - 29%

Quarter of women would prefer a girls' holiday over a couples holiday

Almost a quarter, 23%, of the women polled admitted to us that they'd prefer a girls' holiday over one with their partner, whilst a further 16% also said they'd prefer a holiday with their relatives over one with their other half.

If you've never been on holiday with a partner before, it can be quite daunting knowing that you're going to be with them 24/7... especially if you aren't used to living together. People are generally more relaxed on holiday, so bad habits can emerge which may be off-putting, but people should just enjoy being together. If, by the end of the holiday, you're feeling more unsure about your partner than when you set off, it's probably time to call it a day!
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