We Reveal The Most Holiday-Starved Regions Of The UK

Posted by Sue Anderson, 22nd Mar 2016

How hungry for a holiday are you? Positively peckish? Really ravenous? Seriously starving? We think it's fair to say that everyone's pretty desperate for a holiday, even if they've only just returned from their last trip; but if it's been more than a little while since you last felt the warmth of the overseas sun on your skin, you might be more in need than the rest.

In our latest poll, we spoke to 2,906 people from different regions around the UK to find out when the last time they went abroad for a holiday was. We wanted to determine which region was the most holiday-starved and here's what we found out...

The Welsh and Londoners Most In Need Of A Holiday

First of all, we asked everybody taking part in our poll 'Has it been three or more years since your last holiday abroad?' to which 31% of the people taking part said 'yes'. We then analysed which regions these people were from, revealing that the most 'holiday-starved' regions were as follows:

1. Wales - 33% (of the people who hadn't been abroad for 3 or more years lived here)

2. London - 25%

3. Yorkshire & Humberside - 16%

4. North West - 13%

5. West Midlands - 9%

Work & Busy Lifestyle More To Blame Than Lack Of Holidays Than Finances

We asked the unfortunate people who hadn't been on holiday abroad for three or more years to tell us why. The majority, 41%, blamed their 'busy lifestyle/work commitments' for their lack of holidays over the years, whilst 32% blamed their finances and said they 'couldn't afford holidays'. 15% told us that 'raising a family' had stopped them going on holiday for the last three or more years and 6% blamed their 'fear or flying/unwillingness to travel'.

Those people who hadn't been on holiday abroad for three or more years were then asked how, if at all, it had affected them. 55% of these people said that they felt 'worn out' as a result of not going on holiday abroad for that length of time, whilst 29% said they felt 'fed up'. We are not at all surprised! Only 3% of the relevant respondents told us that they didn't think not going on holiday for the last three years or more had affected them in any way.

Anyone who told us that they hadn't been on holiday abroad for the last three or more years was then asked when they thought their next trip overseas for a break might be. When all answers were taken into account, the most common timeframe given to us was '12 months'.

Everyone assumes that most people get to go on holiday abroad every year and some can't imagine having to wait three years or more between their trips overseas. Unfortunately though, our busy lifestyles and bank balances can often get in the way of our plans for a bit of summer sun or R&R.

Those in Wales and London - and indeed all of the regions in the top five - should put a plan of action in place to ensure they get the break abroad that they deserve; whether that means being more dedicated to saving those pennies or learning to say no and delegating more at work to be able to have the time off.
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