The Regional UK Cocktail Index

Posted by Sue Anderson, 16th Aug 2016

We've had a lot of fun doing our latest opinion poll, because it all surrounds cocktails! We polled a whopping 3,270 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom had been on a holiday abroad in the last two years, to find out more about how tastes vary around the UK. There were an equal number of people participating from each of the 12 UK regions, in order for our team to pick up on any regional trends, and we asked respondents questions about their drinking habits both at home and on holiday.

First of all, the respondents taking part were asked what their favourite cocktail was. Only 16% told us that they had 'never tried a cocktail' and a further 4% answered that they 'didn't know' what their favourite cocktail flavour was. The answers from the remaining respondents were analysed to determine what the most common favourite cocktail was in each region of the UK.

Take a look at the results below and see if your preferred cocktail is the typical choice in the region that you live in!

Londoners Love Mojitos, Woo Woos Win in Wales!

London - Mojito

Wales - Woo Woo

Scotland - Strawberry Daiquiri

North West - Screwdriver

North East - Long Island

Yorkshire + Humberside - Sangria

East Midlands - Cosmopolitan

West Midlands - Pina Colada

South West - Sex on the Beach

South East - Bellini

East of England - Mojito

Northern Ireland - Tequila Sunrise

Only two regions, the East of England and London, selected the same favourite cocktail; with the Mojito coming top of the popularity list in both areas. 78% of the respondents taking part in the poll said that they'd tried their first ever cocktail whilst they were on a holiday abroad.

29% of Britons Have Become Sick From One Too Many Cocktails!

42% of the people polled told us that they drank a cocktail "daily" on their last holiday abroad, whilst 29% of the respondents said that they had become sick from drinking too many cocktails before.

Cocktails have become synonymous with beach and pool holidays abroad, so we wanted to find out what were the favourites of people living in different regions of the UK. We were surprised just how different people's tastes were, with only two regions having the same favourite cocktail.

We think cocktails have become so popular here in the UK because they remind people of fonder times spent relaxing or partying on holiday! What's your favourite cocktail?
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