Move Over Bikini! Make Way for the One Piece Swimsuit

Posted by Sue Anderson, 26th Jul 2017

When packing for a trip abroad, female holidaymakers often put as much thought into their swimwear choices as they do the rest of their holiday wardrobe. At this time of year, we like to keep on top of the latest trends in holiday fashion, so our latest poll aimed to find out what the swimwear scene is currently looking like on beaches and around pools across the globe.

We polled 1,655 women aged 18-40 from the UK, all of whom had been on a beach/swim holiday within the last 12 months or had this type of holiday booked which they'd be going away on in 2017.

Majority of Women Find Swimsuits 'Trendier' Than Bikinis

When we asked 'What type of swimwear did/will you pick for your holiday (i.e. the type you wore/will wear most of the time)?', the top answers were as follows:

One piece swimsuit - 42%

Bikini - 28%

Tankini - 19%

None (i.e. kept covered up) - 6%

Other - 5%

Any respondents who selected 'one piece swimsuit' were asked why they opted for this style of swimwear, to which the most common answer given to us was 'I find it trendier than other types of swimwear e.g. the bikini' (55%). 16% found the one piece style to be 'more practical' and 11% said they were 'more comfortable'. Only 3% told us that it was because they wanted to 'cover up more'.

We then asked everyone taking part how many different pieces of swimwear (or sets) they took away with them on holiday (or planned to take) which revealed '6' to be the average answer. When those who'd been away were asked how many of these they'd actually ended up wearing during the trip, only 7% said 'all of them'. The majority, 71%, said 'two of them'.

Average Swimwear Spend For a Holiday Is £57

When asked how much they spent on swimwear for their last holiday (or how much they planned to spend for their upcoming break) the average was revealed to be £57 once all answers were taken into account.

The bikini seems to be falling out of favour with female holidaymakers! More and more celebrities are photographed on their glamorous holidays wearing one piece swimsuits, so we're pretty sure that this is inspiring more women to follow the trend.

To see that female holidaymakers spend, on average, £57 on swimwear isn't too surprising; after all, these items aren't always cheap. However, when discovering that the majority of swimwear packed in suitcases doesn't get worn, perhaps this spend could be a bit of a waste and better saved for a few extra cocktails!
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