Mini Bar Top Hidden Holiday Cost That Catches Britons Out

Posted by Sue Anderson, 9th Aug 2016

Our latest research has revealed more about the hidden costs we sometimes face when we're on our holidays. We've all been there, haven't we? Being ever so careful with our holiday budgets only to find that we were a tad optimistic about our controlled spending!

We spoke to 2,147 people aged 18 and over from around the UK who'd all been on holiday abroad within the last 12 months to find out more about their holiday spending experiences. There were an equal number of male and female respondents and the people taking part were equally spread across the UK's 12 regions. Respondents were not customers of ours, to avoid any bias.

Half of Holidaymakers Face Surprise Costs On Their Trips

When we asked 'Were there any hidden costs on your last holiday abroad that came as a bit of a surprise to you?' the majority of respondents, 53%, said 'yes'. We then asked these people what these unexpected costs had been and they were given a list to choose from (or they could write their own answers, if they so wished). According to our poll, the top 10 unexpected hidden holiday costs were as follows:

1. Mini bar charges - 51%

2. Airline seat charges - 42%

3. Late check-out fees - 38%

4. City tax - 29%

5. Spa/gym facility charges - 23%

6. WiFi charges - 19%

7. Currency exchange charges - 15%

8. Tipping requirements - 12%

9. Baggage fees - 10%

10. All inclusive exceptions (certain drinks/restaurants etc.) - 9%

Hidden Holiday Costs Amount To £78.50, On Average

Anyone who'd faced hidden or unexpected holiday charges when booking or during their last trip was asked how much, in total, these costs had amounted to; revealing an average of £78.50. Later, we asked all respondents if they'd gone over their designated holiday budget during their last trip, to which 71% confessed that they had and the average extra spend was uncovered as £150.00 per person. Ouch!

However, 41% of those who'd faced hidden or unexpected costs on holiday told us that the extra spend was 'ultimately worth it'. 68% said that they'd do more research in future when booking holidays to see what extra costs they could face.

When you have a set budget for your holiday, the last thing you want to do is spend over that amount for any reason. The best way to avoid this is to really do your homework before you book and travel; find out exactly what your hotel booking includes - or doesn't - and be sure to look online for information such as the expected tipping rates, baggage and seat reservation fees for your chosen airline. Try to exchange all of your currency before you go away.
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