Majority of 'Well Behaved' Children Holiday Abroad Once Each Year

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th May 2016

Ever wondered if there's a link between children's behaviour and the frequency of the holidays they go on? We have too! Does taking kids on holiday too often make them spoilt and unappreciative, or does it make them behave like little angels?

We spoke to 2,107 parents in the UK, each of whom had one child of primary or secondary school age. The mums and dads taking part in the poll were asked about their child's behaviour and their holiday habits, so that we could finally get to the bottom of this and see if there is a link.

The first question we put to respondents was: 'How would you describe your child's general behaviour?' and we gave participants a list of answers to choose from. 32% said that their child was 'badly behaved', 57% said that their child was 'well behaved' and the remaining 11% described their child's behaviour as 'very mixed'. The survey was anonymous, so we're sure they were being very honest about their little darlings!

5% of Well Behaved Children Never Go On Holiday Abroad

We asked all the parents how often they took their child away on holiday abroad, in order for us to spot any kind of correlation between holidays overseas and behaviour. Of those who said their children were 'well behaved', the majority (68%) took their child on holiday abroad once per year, whilst 12% took them twice a year, 15% took them three times a year and the remaining 5% said that they didn't tend to take their child abroad on holiday at all.

When analysing the survey answers of those parents who described their children as 'badly behaved', we noticed that the majority (55%) said that they didn't tend to take their children on holiday abroad at all, followed by 23% who took them three times per year, 19% who took them once every two years, 2% who took them once a year and the remaining 1% who took them twice.

Most Kids Who Holiday During Term-Time Have 'Excellent' Grades

38% of the parents taking part in the poll said they took their child out of school during term time for a holiday abroad; compared to the 62% who said that they didn't... a much-debated topic of discussion! However, the majority (67%) of the parents who took their child out of school during term time told us that their child's grades were 'excellent - usually As'; but most parents who didn't take their child out of school for holidays abroad during term time (55%) described their child's grades as (average - Cs).

These results were really intriguing. If it's true that there's a pattern between how often you take your kids on holiday and how well behaved they are, surely all parents will want to take note! What we found interesting was the fine line between holidaying often - such as once annually - and holidaying more frequently - such as three times a year - and the difference in behaviour. Perhaps less is often more! Who knows?
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