How Long Do You Wait Before Booking Your Next Holiday?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 8th Sep 2015

Sometimes, the best way to stave off those dreaded holiday blues is to book another holiday. Having something to look forward to can really make all the difference on that first day back to the daily grind; making it all the more bearable.

We noticed a fair few of you accessing our site during holidays you'd already booked with us (and were still relaxing on at the time) to book another break before you'd even got home. Eager beavers! We like your style.

So, we polled 2,371 people aged 18 and over from around the UK (all of these people had been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months) and asked them questions about their next planned holiday.

1 in 7 Holidaymakers Book Next Trip Before They Return Home

According to our findings, 89% of the total respondents had booked their next holiday and 1 in 7 (14%) of all the participants taking part had booked their next trip during the last holiday, before it had even ended and they'd returned home. The majority of these told us that they had done so on the very last day of being there.

When these respondents were asked to state all of the reasons why they'd made a booking before they'd even finished their last holiday, 65% blamed their actions on being 'in the holiday spirit'. 13% said they had done it to 'prevent the holiday blues' from setting in (we totally get that) once their holiday had finished; so they had something to look forward to. 11% said they'd just 'loved' the place where they were staying so much that they'd wanted to arrange returning immediately. Hands up who's had that feeling before? We have!

Smartphone Top Holiday-Booking Device During Trips

The majority of those who had booked a holiday during their previous trip had arranged to return to the same place (55%), whilst the remaining 45% booked to go somewhere different. When we asked how they'd booked a trip whilst they were already on holiday, the majority (71%) had used their smartphone, whilst 23% had used a tablet device.

When everyone who'd already booked their next holiday was asked what the time gap would be between their last trip and their next, the average answer stated once all responses were taken into account was 'four months'. Lovely, that's not long to wait at all.

Coming home from a holiday is often a sad occasion for all involved. After the build up and excitement of looking forward to the trip, it can all seem to be over in a flash. Therefore, we think it's wonderful that people are booking their next trip to look forward to whilst they are already on a holiday. However, we will give one piece of advice and that's to ensure that you can actually afford it. A 5* trip to the Caribbean in a month's time may seem like an excellent idea after a few cocktails at the pool bar, but stop and think about whether your bank balance will thank you for it.
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