Holiday Intimacy - Being Romantic Even With The Kids In Tow

Posted by Sue Anderson, 25th Aug 2015

Family holidays are wonderful. They really are the one and only time when you can all enjoy one another's company without the distractions and stresses of everyday life (that is, if you leave the phones at home and nobody throws a tantrum).

For mum and dad though, a holiday with the kids in tow can present the very real issue of how to handle romance with little eyes and ears around. It is possible to have a couples holiday within your family trip; you just have to go the right way about it.

We polled 1,276 parents from around the UK with kids aged 10 or under, all of whom had been on holiday with their little angels within the last year. We wanted to find out how they managed to bring some couple's romance into their family break.

1 in 3 Parents Discreetly Make Love on Holiday Whilst Kids Are Sleeping in Same Room

When we initially asked, 'Were your children sleeping in the same room/area as you on the holiday (i.e. not in a separate bedroom/apartment style lay out)? 78% of those taking part said 'yes'. We then cut to the chase and asked, 'Did you ever discreetly make love whilst your children were sleeping in the same room on holiday?' to which 34% told us that they did.

A further 41% said they had made love in a separate room to the one their children were in whilst on their family holiday; with the accommodation's bathroom the most likely place for this to happen (55%), followed by their own sleeping quarters (38%).

1 in 10 Couples Don't Even Attempt Intimacy on a Family Holiday

One tenth of the parents taking part, 11%, admitted to us that they didn't even attempt to be intimate with their partner when they were on a holiday with their children. When asked why, 63% said they did not want to risk their children overhearing or seeing anything; whilst 32% said that they weren't very intimate with their partner anyway, even at home.

86% of the parents taking part unashamedly admitted that they would enjoy a holiday more with their partner if their children weren't present. When asked to explain why this was the case, 32% said that parenting was 'too tiring', whilst 27% said they would just be able to relax more.

Those who did make love on their last family holiday were asked how many times they did so; to which the average answer was 'twice' per seven day period.

Depending on the sleeping arrangements, it can be difficult to be passionate with your partner on a family holiday. If you do want to have some romantic moments, plan ahead before booking and consider this when selecting your accommodation type.

An apartment with separate bedrooms would be better than a big family hotel room, as would a villa or even connecting hotel rooms. It's an awkward situation to get around, but there are ways to enjoy some privacy on a holiday with the kids and have some alone time.
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