Britons Have 'Best Holiday Sex' in Greece

Posted by Chris Clarkson, 28th Jan 2012

Our latest survey has found that Greece has topped the poll of destinations where Brits claim to have had the best holiday sex. We decided to pry into the private lives of people across the UK in order to try and find out which destination Brits enjoyed the most when it came to romance...

We polled 1,579 people aged 25 and over, each of whom had been abroad within the last five years.

61% had had sex whilst on holiday in the last 5 years

We asked respondents if they had had sex on holiday abroad within the last 5 years, to which 61% replied that they had. The average number of destinations that respondents had had sex in was 4.

Those who admitted to having sex on holiday abroad in the past five years were asked to state which destinations they felt they had had the best holiday sex in, to which the most popular answers were as follows;

1. Greece 31%

2. Spain 29%

3. France 26%

4. Turkey 24%

5. Egypt 19%

6. Italy 17%

7. Jamaica 12%

8. Thailand 9%

9. USA 4%

10. Portugal 2%

Obviously, being a travel agent, we like to be clued up on every aspect of your holiday and, having done previous studies which found couples tend to have much more sex on holiday than they do at home, we wanted to find out where in the world this worked out the best for people.

Seeing destinations such as France and Italy on the list isn't much of a surprise, as they are well known for being very romantic. However, we mustn't forget holiday romances, as many people go on holiday not knowing they're going to find love there!
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