Autumn and Winter Holidays - Where Will You Be Going?

Posted by Sue Anderson, 11th Oct 2016

It's become quite obvious over the last few weeks that any trace the warm season is slipping away faster that you can say 'miserable British weather'. The evenings are drawing in and the temperatures are starting to drop, whilst the leaves on the trees are getting their autumnal colours.

So, surely it's time then to start thinking about your next holiday? We know that there's a certain charm to our Great British Autumn and Winter season, but that's not to say that we don't want to escape it every now and again. We looked at our bookings data to see where the most popular destinations were for autumn and this coming winter's holidays and we also polled 2,761 UK adults who'd booked a holiday of this kind to find out more about their motives. Is it really just to get some Vitamin D, or is there more to it?

Canary Islands, Spain and Turkey Top For Autumn/Winter Breaks

We analysed holiday bookings that our customers would be taking between 1st October 2016 and 28th February 2017, which revealed to us what the top 10 most popular destination choices for autumn/winter would be. Want us to share it with you? Look no further...

1. Canary Islands

2. Spain

3. Turkey

4. Portugal

5. Egypt

6. Greece

7. Cyprus

8. Malta

9. USA

10. Morocco

So, as you can see, good weather certainly seems to have a lot to do with Britons' bookings, but is that really so?

'Saving Money' a Top Motive For Autumn/Winter Holidays

As we mentioned earlier, we also carried out a short poll. All respondents taking part in the survey were asked for their reasons behind booking an Autumn/Winter holiday. 51% told us that it was because it was 'cheaper than Spring/Summer breaks' making money-saving an even bigger priority for Britons than escaping the British weather after all! Only 29% stated that 'getting some autumn/winter sun' was their main deciding factor and 13% said it had to do with the time off work they were able to get. Ah, work restrictions. Boo!

Next, we asked 'What board basis is your autumn/winter holiday?' to which 28% stated 'bed and breakfast', 25% chose 'self-catering', 22% answered 'half-board', 17% said 'all-inclusive' and the remaining 8% stated they booked 'room only'.

55% of participants polled admitted to us that they had argued with their co-traveller(s) over the destination of their autumn/winter break, with 81% of these saying they ended up having to 'compromise' on the location.

Finally, all participants were asked if they preferred autumn/winter sun holidays or cosy breaks with 67% stating they usually prefer sun holidays during the colder seasons back in the UK.

We're lucky to be spoiled for choice in regards to winter holidays. You can decide to go to a cosy log cabin some place or you could top up your Vitamin D in sunnier climes. The problem that many have is the fact that there is just TOO much choice. According to our bookings data, the Canary Islands still lead the way in terms of the favourite place to head for a holiday outside of the spring/summer season; with year-round sunshine, it's not hard to see why!
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