''FOMO' Worries on Holiday Unwarranted, As 72% of Us Don't Miss Anything Interesting!

Posted by Sue Anderson, 1st Aug 2017

You'd think that blazing sunshine and cocktails on tap would be enough to make anyone forget about their worries back home, but it turns out that there are still a few concerns holidaymakers have during their trip.

We surveyed 1,692 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom had been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months and asked everyone taking part about any worries they had concerning life back home whilst they were on their break; as well as other questions surrounding their holiday.

Holidaymakers More Likely To Worry About Pets Than Elderly Relatives

According to our findings, the top five concerns of holidaymakers whilst they're away on holiday regarding life back home are as follows:

1. Fear of missing out (FOMO) on something good back home - 65%

2. If everything's OK at work - 52%

3. Security of my home - 44%

4. If my pet(s) is OK - 31%

5. If my elderly relatives are OK - 28%

Anyone who listed 'FOMO' as a top concern of theirs when they were on holiday was asked if they actually ended up missing out on something good back home whilst they were away, to which 72% said 'no'. So, our advice is to not let FOMO win! Live in the moment and make the most of that sunshine.

35% Experience Slight Home Sickness When Abroad

We asked all respondents if they felt homesick on their last holiday abroad, to which 35% of the people taking part said 'yes'. When we asked what they missed the most about their home life, 'friends' (27%), 'relatives' (22%) and 'my bed' (16%) were given as the top three answers.

As for the worries people had when they were actually on their holiday, 33% confessed to having concerns that their 'tan wouldn't be good enough' by the time they had to go home and 29% worried about 'potentially getting lost' in a foreign country. 16% told us they worried about 'losing something' from their personal belongings, such as a passport or camera.

Holidays should be all about switching off from life back home and completely relaxing, so it's a shame to see that 52% worry about work and an even higher number worry about missing out on something good happening back in the UK. As far as we're concerned, whatever is happening back home won't beat how great your holiday is, so holidaymakers should just try to live in the moment and catch up on the gossip back home once they return!
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