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The island of Sicily is rich in architectural heritage and offers some dramatic mountain scenery, making it a long standing choice with discerning holidaymakers.

One of the highlights has got to be Mount Etna, the island's famous active volcano which rises dramatically above Catania and towns on the eastern coast. Mount Etna is a fantastic playground for those who enjoy outdoor activities, you can choose to hike, bike or even go horseriding in the summer and skiing in the winter months.

How Hot?

Sicily has a Mediterranean climate that differs from place to place, due to the island's size but in general is usually hotter than mainland Italy.

Summers tend to be quite hot with very little rainfall and temperatures can range from 28ºC to 34ºC (82ºF to 93ºF) and it is possible for it to rise to between 38ºC and 40ºC (100ºF to 104ºF) for brief periods when the Scirocco wind blows from North Africa so it can become quite sticky in the height of summer.

Winter months are rather mild and temperatures can range from 8ºC to 20ºC (46ºF to 68ºF). It is also possible to snow from mid-December to mid-March in the mountainous areas.

Out and About

Lots of people enjoy a visit to the thermal baths on the island of Vulcano. It is an experience akin to wallowing in the mud and the properties of the mud are supposed to be good for your skin. It is a great day out and a little different from lounging about the beach.

The family resort and cathedral town of Cefalu has one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Sicily. The town is loved for it's wide arc of sandy beach, quaint fishing village and fascinating medieval streets. Other nearby beach resorts include Castel di Tusa and Campofelice di Roccella.

Palermo, the capital, is steeped in history and literally packed with beautiful medieval buildings. Take your time and wander around the famous monuments, Baroque churches and shady squares. After a little lunch you may want to visit the bustling market for a little souvenir of your visit to Palermo.

For those who are interested in historic culture, then a trip to the world famous holiday resort of Taormina is a must. The town is famous for it's ancient Teatro Greco, the remains of a classical theatre which was originated by the Greeks but reconstructed by the Romans in the first century A.D. for gladiatorial contests. There are many other Roman remains and Medieval buildings to be seen in the town.

Theme parks are not a big part of the local culture but they are becoming more popular and there are a few to choose from. Etna Land is a theme complex with a water park, small zoo and dinosaur exhibit, then there is the Madonie Adventure Park near Petralia Sottana which focuses on outdoor activities such as mountain biking, archery, horse riding and an obstacle course. The mini zoo at the Sicily Bio Park is also a good day out.

Out for Lunch!

Sicilian cuisine is mainly based on an Italian menu but also has a Spanish, Greek and Arab influence to it. Fresh fish is found along the coastline and can be eaten in the restaurants. A few of the dishes to try whilst on holiday in Sicily include Sicilian bread, Sicilian Caponata-a recipe made of Eggplant and the tasty citrus fruits used in a lot of menus. Olive oil is a big hit and Sicily is the 3rd largest producing regions of olive oil.

Dine in the small traditional restaurants or in the more elaborate restaurants that are dotted about all over the island. You can get traditional local dishes in the quieter areas of the island or a more International fare in the tourist areas.

Quick Facts

Flight Time - From London 3 hrs, From Manchester 3 hrs 30 mins

Currency - Euro

Nightlife - Restaurants, Bars and Cafes - mixed

Best Time to Visit - April to October with July, August being the warmest months

Top Hotels In Sicily

Here's a list of our top accommodations in Sicily, ranked by our customer ratings and reviews.

The Artemis is an ex-convent, featuring archaeological ruins from the 4th century and very close to the historic centre of Cefalu....

Giardini Naxos
Hellenia Yachting Hotel is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday by the sea. Families and couples are welcome....

The Park Hotel Silemi is situated along the ionic shore of Taormina Mare at Letojanni and looks out onto Taormina Bay....

The Villa Bianca Resort offers charming accommodation with a homely and relaxed atmosphere and spectacular views of the bay....

Taormina Mare
The Atahotel Capotaormina is situated on a clifftop peninsula just outside the resort area of Taormina. The hotel features a saltwater pool at sea level and an outdoor jacuzzi on the tip of the promon...

Giardini Naxos
Sant Alphio Garden Hotel & Spa is set in a romantic setting, making it ideal for a romantic getaway or a relaxing holiday....

The Acacia Resort Hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services, with a kids club and playground, outdoor swimming pool and direct access to the beach....

The complex offers such a good range of facilities for the whole family, perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in the sun....

Giardini Naxos
Kalaskiso Aparthotel is a modern and relaxing property just moments from Schiso beach and very close to the Marina....

Ariston Hotel is located moments from the famous Greek Roman Amphitheatre and overlooks Taormina Bay. The hotel is set in pleasant terraced gardens and offers tastefully styled accommodation....


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