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The latest survey from us here at has revealed the extent to which British holidaymakers are over-cautious when it comes to preparing for and going away on a holiday. It turns out that the average holidaymaker is so cautious that they start their packing one week early and check for their passport and travel documents 10 or more times before they leave.

We carried out the research as part of an ongoing study into the holiday habits and preferences of people around the UK. 1,211 UK adults took part in the poll and all respondents had been on a holiday abroad in the past 12 months. Respondents were asked questions about how cautious they were before going away.

The average holidaymaker started packing a week before their holiday

When asked, 'How early did you pack your suitcase before going away?' the average answer stated by 51% of respondents was a 'week before' leaving, whilst just 3% of respondents left it until the day before or same day.

Half of holidaymakers checked for their passport ten or more times

Those taking part were then asked how many times, approximately, they checked that they had their passport, tickets and travel documents on them before they got to the airport, to which most respondents, 48%, said '10 or more times'; suggesting that they were careful not to arrive at the airport without them.

Those polled turned up, on average, 3 hours before their flight departure

Most airlines taking passengers abroad require those flying to be at the airport 2 hours before departure. Despite this, when asked how much earlier than their flight they arrived at the airport on their last holiday abroad, the average answer stated by those taking part was '3 hours'; an hour earlier than the necessary length of time.

Furthermore, the average respondent said that they checked they hadn't forgotten to pack certain items in their suitcase 'around 5 times' and when speaking about the weight of their suitcase, the average respondent admitted to weighing their case also 'around 5 times' before checking in; despite not having added any contents or taking anything away, meaning it would be the same weight as the first time they weighed it.

We're not that surprised to find out that the majority of people check numerous times for their passport and tickets, but those that start packing a week early certainly are a bit keen!

Being cautious about checking that you haven't forgotten anything and turning up at the airport earlier than you need to is no bad thing. It's certainly better to have to wait an extra hour for your flight than to turn up late and find out you've missed it!

Chris Clarkson

Managing Director

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