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Our latest research has revealed that couple's holidays could be a dying trend, as the majority of people in relationships around the UK claim to find it preferable to holiday with a group of people, rather than just with their amour.

Despite couple's holidays being a popular choice for many, it would appear that they might be dying out as many of you are bored of your other halves!

We carried out the study as part of ongoing research into the holiday preferences of people around the UK. 1,892 UK adults took part in the study, all of whom were in relationships that had been established for at least 3 years and all of whom had been on holiday with their partner, just the two of them, previously.

Half of those polled admitted they found being away with their partner 'boring'

When asked their thoughts on couple's holidays, based on the fact all respondents had been on one with their partner, 51% admitted they had found it 'boring' with it just being the two of them. 12% said they 'loved' couple's holidays, whilst 34% said they found it an 'average' holiday.

The majority of respondents said they preferred holidays with friends

All respondents were asked what type of holiday they preferred the most, and the results were as follows:

Holiday with friends (partner present) 37%

Holiday with friends (partner absent) 25%

Family holiday (partner present) 19%

Family holiday (partner absent) 11%

Other 8%

A third of respondents admitted to arguing with their partner whilst on holiday

When asked, 'When you went on holiday with your partner, just the two of you, did you argue at all?' a third, 34%, of respondents said 'yes'. All respondents were then asked 'Did you find the alone time on holiday with your partner beneficial?' to which 41% answered 'no - not in the long run'.

Most of the bookings we get are for families, so we weren't all that surprised to find out that not many people were a fan of going away with their other half. However, it is always important to get some alone time, and relaxing by the pool could be the perfect solution to the stresses of daily life!

You need to make sure that both of you enjoy your holiday; it's probably not a good idea to go away if one of you likes lazing by the pool and one of you can't sit still! Try and come up with a compromise, or go away with a group of friends for a while, so there are always people for you to hang out with!

Chris Clarkson

Managing Director

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